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The Brookfield Learning Center is offering a unique, comprehensive, after-school program to help students with their homework, tests, comprehension, organizational skills, and study habits.  Using THEIR assignments, textbooks, worksheets, etc., we help students develop new strategies for learning and coping with all that is expected of them -- while also helping them to become more responsible and engaged with the process.

Learning How to Learn

An After-School Homework Help & Remediation Program

How Homework Tutoring Works

Students bring their  homework, books, assignments, and problems to the Brookfield Learning Center.  There, the Center's specially-trained teachers work with the students on those assignments.  Using the students' own books/worksheets/etc., the teachers will then teach and incorporate organization and learning strategies while the students complete and better understand their homework.

When the correct and understood homework assignments are turned in, the student experiences immediate and positive feedback of success.  This success, together with the skills learned in organizing, preparing, and achieving a correctly completed homework assignment, quiz, and/or test, becomes self-perpetuating.  The student begins to believe they "CAN DO IT!" and is on the way to achieving better grades, a more positive attitude, and the path to becoming an independent, life-long learner.

Some children who need remediation are often too tired after school to do anything more than their own homework.  For a large number of students, remediation takes place along with the homework help, study skills, and test preparations. 

For the child who has deficiencies in math, reading, spelling, etc., the decision whether to remediate, pre-teach (teaching ahead), or help with homework is mutually agreed upon by the parents, student, and the Brookfield Learning Center.  The guiding principle is to do that which enables the student to be successful in the coming week at his/her school. 

Remediation, Pre-Teaching & Homework

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